China’s position on Kashmir not affected by CPEC

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ISLAMABAD: China has said that the improvement of China-Pakistan Financial Hall (CPEC) did not impact the rustic’s place on Kashmir factor.


At a typical press briefing in Beijing, Chinese language International Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying stated China’s place on Kashmir factor is constant and straight forward and it must be correctly settled between the 2 facets.

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The spokesperson stated that China has wired the will for agreement of the longstanding Kashmir factor thru discussion and session between India and Pakistan.

Answering a query referring to India’s objection on Pakistan’s plan to claim Gilgit-Baltistan, part of Kashmir, as its 5th province, she stated: “As a leftover factor from historical past between India and Pakistan, it must be correctly settled thru discussion and session between the 2 facets.”

“The improvement of the China-Pakistan Financial Hall does now not impact China’s place at the Kashmir factor,” she stated

She stated that China and Pakistan maintained standard protection exchanges and cooperation in army business and business.